Open Letter to the Hateful _____________

You probably saw the story flying around the internet about a family that received a horrible letter suggesting that they euthanize their autistic son.  If you missed it, click HERE to see it.

Submitted for your approval, the letter I would write in response:

To The Hateful Runt* Who Thinks an Autistic Child Should be Euthanized,

I live in the world of caring humanity and I have a problem. You have a kid that you claim is “normal” and you have decided it would be a good idea to teach that child how to be a rude, narcissistic jackass. I will admit that I have never met your child, but I can make certain assumptions based on your behavior. Your child’s selfish sense of entitlement scares the crap out of me. It is going to grow up believing, nay, demanding that the world and everyone in it kowtow to its wishes. That attitude is DREADFUL! When your child screams and cries in the middle of Target because it wants a toy or candy, try swatting the little bastard on the ass rather than giving it the item. After a few instances of that, the child should learn to ask politely for things. A child who calmly makes a request for something and then graciously accepts the yes or no response is a normal youngster. Your shitty kid is NOT!!!

It is an annoyance to everyone. Who is going to teach it the manners used in polite society? Certainly not you, as it seems you never learned them yourself. No one is going to associate with your offspring. That will lead to it sitting at home, alone, all day, munching on Oreos and complaining about everyone else in the world instead of considering ways to better itself. Sound familiar? Really, you should chuck the little shit off of a cliff or some other high place. What good is it going to be to anyone, just bitching and moaning all the time? NONE! You raised a terrible, bratty little monster. Deal with it, properly. Get rid of it and start over with a new one, but try not to ruin this one. I mean, you can only heave so many kids off of cliff before folks start asking questions.

What is interesting about this entire situation is that you complained about the bothersome behavior of an autistic child. That child’s excuse is that it is “retarded,” to use your severely offensive term. What’s your little turd’s excuse? Oh, wait, we already figured that out. It’s you! I’m sure you would make the point that raising a child is not easy and I would agree with you. Think about how hard it has been for you with your child. And you are failing miserably at it. Now, imagine the added difficulty of your child having a cognitive disability.

Do us all a favor and think about someone besides yourself for a change. The world does not revolve around you and your spoiled brat. If you must fill your head with only thoughts of yourself, try pondering why you are such a selfish bitch. If you feel you must write another letter, write one to your own mother and ask her what she did that made you turn out this sad and pathetic. Then, do the opposite with your child that your mother did with you. There may still be hope.

Marv Anderson
Have the courage of your convictions and sign what you write.

*Sometimes my computer substitutes the letter “R” for the letter “C”
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3 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Hateful _____________

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  1. Thank you for saying what we all have been thinking it might be a little harsh to say for her to chuck her kid off a cliff and yes I know she did tell the mother to put her child down and in no means am I condoling this but it’s not the child’s fault the mother is a complete idiot

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree that what I said was abrasive. I did that to highlight how harsh the original letter was. I’m sure you understood that, I’m just clarifying.

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