The Future is Coming

I began working on my Master of Arts in Communication this week. One of the “readings” for this week was actually a video of Pranav Mistry’s TED Talk in which he shows off his SixthSense technology. The video is below and you have to check it out. The concept is so simple, but the implications are vast.

Mistry envisions his new toy increasing productivity and enhancing our experiences with the world around us. I think we all know, however, what will be most affected by SixthSense is how we interact with porn. Every major advance in technology has happened so that users can enjoy porn faster and with better quality (of image, the story quality will remain terrible). Broadband was developed so we could download naked booby pics and freaky MILF movies faster. Hard drive capacity increased so that we could save more of those pics and movies. Processor speeds quickened so that we could download more of them at once. Clearly we have internet porn to thank for the advances in web technology we enjoy today.

Check out the video, then read the rest below:

SixthSense is going to take our internet porn experience to a whole new level. Just a couple of discreet gestures calls up your Celebrity Spank Bank, chooses an image, and projects it onto your sexual partner. You may have brought home some drunk chick from the bar, but Voila! Now you’re banging Scarlet Johansson.

Always wondered what Isabella from HR looks like topless? No problem. Superimpose Salma Hayek’s chesticles onto her and mystery solved!

The possibilities are endless.


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